The four mainstays of the NOVUM Group

We operate 138 hotels with approx. 15,000 rooms in the 3 and 4 star segment, with 20 percent in ownership.

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The focus is on the expansion of a profitable real estate portfolio and a clearly defined appreciation strategy

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We invest in the renovation and maintenance of our properties, plan the development of our hotels and apartment buildings and strengthen them for the future.

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We are the foundation for a stable growth. Our IT-Solutions ensure lean processes and a steady revenue growth.

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On this site, we would like you to get to know the NOVUM Group. Through its history, brands and further information, we would like to show you what the NOVUM Group is: a young, aspiring hotel company, from which you are bound to hear more in the future.

The NOVUM Group foundation occured in 1988, with the establishment of the first hotel by Nader Etmenan. After handing over management to his sons, further hotel aquisitions came from 2004 onwards in Hanseatic City of Hamburg. Ever since, the company is amidst a european expansion, under the supervision of David Etmenan. The hotels are 3 and 4-star properties in central locations, whose individual character is appealing to tourists and business travellers alike.

The NOVUM Group is a family-owned company, which currently operates under the brand NOVUM Group Hotels over 138 hotels in 45 locations in Europe.

Under the name NOVUM Zinshaus, the NOVUM Group has established a private real estate investment company which comprises all real estate activities of NOVUM Groups principals. NOVUM Zinshaus’ focus lies on the expansion of a profitable real estate portfolio – residential buildings as well as hotels – and a clearly defined appreciation strategy through a structured asset management. At present, Novum Zinshaus owns and operates approx. 650 residential units and 21 hotels in Hamburg, Bremen and North Rhine-Westphalia. The residential and business portfolio is to increase significantly within the next years.

NOVUM Flächenprofi offers a competent integrated solution for your individual construction, renovation and maintenance projects. From a competent consultation through a reliable execution to the long-term maintenance and controlling – our constant goal is your satisfaction. A wide range of services as well as highly-qualified employees set us apart and provide you with optimal results.

The NOVUM IT Solutions represents the in-house IT specialists of the NOVUM Group, who creates a professional and economical system infrastructure. The NOVUM IT Solutions therefore obtains a profitable work environment in both the individual hotels and the company headquarters.


Strong character hotels in the heart of european cities, high yield residential properties appreciation potential, the professional supervision of our own real estate portfolio by our Flächenprofi as well as professional IT-Solutions – these are the four pillars of the NOVUM Group.


The comfort and safety of our guests is of outmost importance, therefore we emphasize on the continuous maintenance and modernization of our hotels.

Brand building

We regard the ways of brand building and market positioning as ongoing processes. Through steady investments and innovation, we develop a secure future for the company.


Establishment of the NOVUM Group Hotels nationwide and international.


The NOVUM Group is managed centrally in Hamburg. In the headquarters, we have the reservation office, sales & marketing, accounting, HR, IT management and property management. This helps in creating an effective process flow and leans out cost structure.

“Coming together is a beginning,
keeping together is progress,
working together is success.

Henry Ford


NOVUM Group Hotels on a dynamic growth

  • Dynamic growth in the core markets of Germany and Europe, with all of our brands as well as through franchise agreements with international brands
  • Takeover of existing hotels for the NOVUM Hotels brand
  • New buildings and conversions for the 3-star NOVUM Style Hotels and the 4-star NOVUM Select Hotels
  • New buildings and conversions with international franchise brands
  • Growth mainly through long-term, fixed lease agreements



Nader Etmenan demonstrated his business vision by investing in tourism and founding the company in 1988. With the first hotel in the historic district of St. Georg, near the outer Alster, he created the headquarters of a tourism group. In the year 2004, he passes his company on to his sons, who are since then advancing the company’s European expansion.

David Etmenan


Chief Executive Officer & Owner

It became clear to David at an early stage that he would follow in his father’s footsteps and become a hotelier. In 2000, he joined the family company just before beginning his studies in business administration at the Nordakademie. His focus was on the development of a central administration.
Today, as the CEO of the Novum Group Holding, the Novum Hotels Holding and the Novum Group Hotels Holding, he is responsible for the dynamically growing group‘s strategy, finance, sales and expansion.

strategy, finance, sales and expansion

David Etmenan
  • 2017

    Expansion of the franchise partnerships and further acquisitions and new locations in Europe are currently planned.

  • 2016

    Europe-wide expansion to 114 hotels at 31 locations. For the first time, the NOVUM Hotel Group is taking over hotels in other European countries.

  • 2015

    Increase in the first half to 61 Hotels totaling nearly 5,435 rooms. Further acquisitions and new locations planned in the mid-term.

  • 2014

    Growth to 41 hotels nationwide for a total of 2,991 rooms. NOVUM finds itself among the ten biggest hotel companies in Germany. Furthermore, the NOVUM Zinshaus manages over 500 seperate residential units.

  • 2013

    Establishment of the NOVUM Zinshaus, acquisition of the first objects in North Rhein-Westphalia. Growth to 34 hotels for a total of 2,540 rooms.

  • 2012

    The NOVUM Hotels have 30 hotels with approximately 2,000 rooms.

  • 2011

    Establishment of the NOVUM Hotels Holding. It forms the basis for a national expansion. That same year, hotels in Berlin, Cologne and Dortmund are acquired. Establishment of NOVUM Flächenprofi.

  • 2010

    Establishment of the NOVUM Group Holding. Existing hotels in Hamburg are integrated.

  • 2009

    The NOVUM Group is operating 10 hotels in Hamburg and begins the development of a central administration.

  • 2007

    Sahra Etmenan, wife of David, complements the management and aids in the expansion.

  • 2004

    Nader passes the company to his sons.

  • 2000

    David Etmenan joins the company and begins preparations for the future growth of the company.

  • 1994

    Mortesa Etmenan joins his father‘s company and supports him in its management.

  • 1988

    Establishment and opening of the “Hotel Hamburg NOVUM” in St. Georg, Hamburg by Nader Etmenan. Here he laid the foundation for the present NOVUM Group.



Geschaeftsführender Gesellschafter
Mortesa Etmenan

Chief Executive Officer

Human Resources, Inventory Management

+49 40 600 808 421

Chief Accounting Officer
Sahra Etmenan

Chief Accounting Officer

Accounting, Bookkeeping, Financial Statements, Cost Control

+49 40 600 808 422

Chief Project Officer
Samira Said

Chief Project Officer

Project Development, Planning, Project Management, Concept Development, Interior Design

+49 40 600 808 426

Chief Investment Officer
Resa Etmenan

Chief Investment Officer

Akquisition, Investment

+49 40 600 808 265

Chief Financial Officer
Torsten Scholl

Chief Financial Officer

Financing, Expansion, Project Development, Law

+49 40 600 808 401

Chief Information Officer
Martin Stegner

Chief Information Officer

Business and IT-Vision, Design of IT-Architecture, Delivery of IT-Services

+49 40 600 808 300

Senior Finance Manager
Christian Moll

Chief Business Officer

Treasury, Cash Management, Finance

+49 40 600 808 272

Chief Operations Officer
Mario Pick

Chief Operating Officer

Operations & Strategy, Human Resources

+49 40 600 808 381


NOVUM Group Management

Daniel Charbatzadeh

Senior Asset Manager

Asset Management, Transaction Management

+49 40 600 808 297

Asset Manager
Gursunny Kaur Sidhu

Asset Manager

Asset Management

+49 40 600 808 281

Business Development Manager
Iris Rosenfelder

Business Development Manager

Expansion Germany

+49 40 600 808 273

Expansion Officer
Amir Etmenan

Business Development Manager

Expansion Foreign Countries

+49 40 600 808 274

Business Process Manager
Alexander Nowack

Business Process Manager

International Company Setup

+49 40 600 808 277

Treasury Manager
Christoph Banse

Treasury Manager

Cash Management & Liquidity Management

+49 40 600 808 278

Creative Marketing Manager
Andreas Löwe

Creative Marketing Manager

Brand Building, Brand Management

+49 40 600 808 335

PR & Event Manager
Jasmin Christensen-Matassa

Executive Assistant to CEO

Organisation, Coordination

+49 40 600 808 264

Carmen Majewski

Communications Manager

External Communication

+49 40 600 808 336


NOVUM Group Management

Business Development Officer
Hamid Rahmati

Business Development Officer

Expansion Germany

+49 40 600 808 275

Sebastian Hilker


Budgeting, Forecast, Analysis

+49 40 600 808 279


NOVUM Group Management

Team Management Assistant
Stephanie Mayer


Internal Communication, Travel Management

+49 40 600 808 265

Svenja Nicolaysen


Internal Communication, Scheduling

+49 40 600 808 435



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